Unici di Liguria- Toscano Salvino


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I Maremmani are the people of South Tuscan , they are humoral , much pleasant , hunters, generous and more ,but in any case have a big hearth and an unbelievable friendship towards all suiseki collectors . I'm proud to be one of their friends and with much pride I need to show you an exhibit done just one week ago , exactly the 11th August 2001 to Caldana ,a small village on hills around the chief town Grosseto .

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With these landscape in mind , you can understand why many people of Germany and England need to spend the last years of their life there , where the wine is good , the views are wonderful and the climate is totally mediterranean . We spent four summers there , no rain during the months of June ,July ,August and September , it is a true paradise .

Now before to begin the exhibit , I need to present my friends :

Stefania Magnani is an employed of Fiora's aqueduct , she is a very nice girl and passionate of suiseki .

Carlo Maria Galli is an artisan and has a deep knowledge of Maremma since he is a hunter and fine collector of suiseki .

I love both very much , for this reason I want to share you what they showed to Caldana .

Please , don't criticize the lack of daiza , suiban and sand ,they must learn a bit about that and purchase suitable trays , look at stones .

        stefcarl05.jpg (65151 octets)      stefcarl07.jpg (48087 octets)     stefcarl08.jpg (47634 octets)     stefcarl09.jpg (57970 octets)   stefcarl10.jpg (64744 octets)


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Please , look at the marvellous colors of these stones , only here in south Tuscan there is the Palombino polychrome so shining .

        stefcarl16.jpg (47795 octets)       stefcarl17.jpg (32943 octets)     stefcarl18.jpg (50343 octets)       stefcarl19.jpg (28374 octets)     stefcarl20.jpg (35312 octets)


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Two stones above received an award , one for Stefania (the pattern stone from Sicily) , and one for Carlo ( the viewing stone).

        stefcarl26.jpg (37887 octets)       stefcarl27.jpg (53968 octets)     stefcarl28.jpg (42462 octets)       stefcarl29.jpg (48684 octets)        stefcarl30.jpg (47511 octets)


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