marinv01.jpg (36957 octets)   marinv02.jpg (52556 octets)    marinv03.jpg (46244 octets)    marinv04.jpg (40076 octets)     marinv05.jpg (57006 octets)

marinv06.jpg (36999 octets)   marinv07.jpg (51064 octets)   marinv08.jpg (75390 octets)   marinv09.jpg (56456 octets)   marinv10.jpg (35456 octets)

With these pictures we begin to see what Marco Invernizzi had like Juniper Sabina ; here you can have a good perspective of what that tree looked like and you can admire the nice specimen coming from Switzterland .

Naturally Marco chose the right front ; he didnít have doubts because the vegetation was from only a side and the bends of trunk was more elegant here

marinv12.jpg (31259 octets)       marinv13.jpg (69332 octets)         marinv14.jpg (45266 octets)            marinv15.jpg (49214 octets)


Once found the front , Marco and his assistants began to clean the bark , the dry wood , to prepare the vegetation for wire and cut the useless branches .

 marinv20.jpg (64271 octets)  marinv21.jpg (54258 octets)  marinv22.jpg (53035 octets)  marinv24.jpg (47002 octets)  marinv25.jpg (43372 octets) marinv26.jpg (53142 octets)

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